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Social Media Complaint Form

Purpose of the Form:

The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office has been informed by many citizens that social media platforms and websites may be engaged in behavior that violates the various rights guaranteed to all citizens under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Louisiana. Therefore, this office is attempting to gather any information regarding the alleged conduct of websites and social media platforms that may be violating said rights.

As such, this form allows you to inform the Attorney General’s Office regarding actions of censorship, deplatforming or suppression taken by social media platforms or websites involving accounts that may be owned or managed by you. These actions may include:

  1. Altering or deleting content;
  2. Blocking or restricting access to your account;
  3. Removal or banning of your account;
  4. Attaching editorial messages to your account;
  5. Hiding or obscuring content in your account.

All information submitted to this form which may be deemed personal in nature, or would serve to identify you in any way, will be kept confidential by the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office in accordance with applicable Louisiana law.

Reporting Multiple Occurances: If you wish to report the conduct of more than one social media platform, please fill out the form once for each separate social media platform. For example, if you have both a Facebook and Instagram account that have been affected, please fill out the form twice , once for your specific Facebook account and once for your specific Instagram account.

Social Media Info

Have you ever had any content censored or removed by a social media website?   Yes       No

If so, what type of content was it?  

What other type of content was it?  

Which Media Site was it?  

What other media site was it?  

What was the subject matter of the content?

Was a reason given for the censorship or removal?   Yes       No

Were you able to appeal the decision?   Yes       No

What was the outcome of the appeal?

Do you believe the removal was justified?   Yes       No

Have you seen other similar posts removed?   Yes       No

If you would like to upload a screenshot you may do so here:

( Files must be under 1MB and one of the following types: .jpg, .png, .pdf )

Your Contact Information