BREAKING: Louisiana Supreme Court reverses previous 'lookback window' decision following Attorney General Murrill's request

The Louisiana Supreme Court has reversed its previous decision which struck down the state's 'lookback window' law, which passed unanimously through the legislature and was signed by the governor in 2021.

Attorney General Liz Murrill filed the rehearing application immediately after that decision was made by the justices, and the court has now ruled in her favor.

"Justice for Victims! - Louisiana Supreme Court upholds ‘lookback window’ law. These child victims of sexual abuse deserve their day in court. This is a win for victims of sexual assault and those who have been silenced for far too long. A great day for Louisiana. It’s very rare for the Supreme Court to grant rehearing and reverse itself. I’m grateful to the Court for giving such careful attention to an issue that is so deeply troubling and personal for so many victims of abuse," said Attorney General Liz Murrill.