Occupational Licensing Review Program

Occupational Licensing Review Program

The Department of Justice’s Occupational Licensing Review Program (OLRP) was created by Act 399 of the 2021 Regular Legislative Session and is codified in La. R.S. 49:260. The OLRP was created to ensure that participating boards and their members maintain immunity from federal antitrust lawsuits through active state supervision by the attorney general and the Department of Justice.

It is the policy of the state that where the state finds it necessary to displace competition, an occupational licensing board shall use the least restrictive regulation to protect the public from present, significant and substantiated harms that threaten public health, safety, or welfare. Active state supervision is a method of ensuring adherence to this policy and involves an independent review and evaluation of the substance of the proposed occupational regulation or disciplinary action by the OLRP. The OLRP has the ability to approve, reverse, veto, or modify a proposed occupational regulation or proposed disciplinary action to ensure it complies with state policy as clearly articulated by the Legislature.

Active Rule Reviews

To view the OLRP's active rule reviews, please visit the Occupational Regulation Active Reviews Page.  

Public Comments

The OLRP welcomes comments on active rule reviews. Public comments must be submitted within the timeframe posted for public comments under the active rule review. In order to be considered, public comments should be submitted in writing and contain the identity of the commenter. Comments and information submitted to the OLRP are subject to the Louisiana Public Records Act.

Comments may be submitted via email to olrp@ag.louisiana.gov or via hand delivery, U.S. Mail, or express courier to:

Department of Justice
Attn: Civil Division - Occupational Licensing Review Program
1885 N. 3rd St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Department of Justice
Attn: Civil Division- Occupational Licensing Review Program
P.O. Box 94005
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Completed Rule Reviews

To view the OLRP’s written decisions, please visit the Occupational Regulation Decisions page.