Welcome to the Louisiana Tobacco Unit

Master Settlement Agreement (MSA)

In 1998, Louisiana, along with 45 other states and territories, entered into a landmark agreement known as the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). This agreement, involving multibillion-dollar settlements, aimed to address the health effects of smoking. As a result, the MSA imposed health-related and advertising restrictions on settling tobacco manufacturers and requires them to make annual payments to the states. Louisiana's annual payment contributes to the TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) scholarship program.


The Tobacco Unit is tasked with enforcing the terms of the MSA between Louisiana and Participating Manufacturers. Additionally, the unit enforces various Louisiana statutes related to tobacco sales, including escrow payments, product certification, and sales reporting.

Louisiana Approved Tobacco Products Directory

The Tobacco Unit maintains the "Louisiana Approved Tobacco Products Directory," listing all tobacco product manufacturers and brand families eligible for sale in the state. Manufacturers must submit certifications to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Selling or possessing tobacco products not listed in the directory is illegal.

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For inquiries related to Louisiana tobacco reporting, contact or call 1-800-241-9311.