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Attorney General Jeff Landry Takes Legal Action to Block Death Row Clemency Hearings

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has filed a lawsuit to block the Governor from short-circuiting the rules and procedures of the Board of Pardons. In his court filings, the Attorney General noted that eligibility and notice rules were ignored, timeliness requirements were unlawfully waived, necessary steps in the process were skipped, and proceedings outside of the public eye were conducted when clemency hearings for death row inmates were scheduled.

“The Board of Pardons should not sacrifice the rule of law, the rights of victims, and the public’s participation simply to achieve the Governor’s political objective,” said Attorney General Landry. “The laws on our books must be enforced and proper procedure must be followed.”

“The court must ensure our clemency process advances in a legal and transparent way,” added Attorney General Landry. “The victims of Willie Tart, Larry Roy, and other murderers deserve truth, transparency, and justice; I am fighting to deliver that for them.”